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Women’s Eyes Show Opening June 3, 2022

Women’s Eyes

The critically acclaimed photography show is coming to The Arts Center of Montross


Last fall, Matt DeZee, Members’ Gallery Coordinator for Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts (FCCA) came up with the concept of a show with a team of photographers. Teams were invited to take pictures on one topic, and submit that for consideration. The winning team consists of Lee Cochrane, Sue Henderson, Norma Woodward, and Penny A Parrish.

They all know each other – they’re members of FCCA and the Fredericksburg Photography Club. A series of emails cemented the group, and the name “Women’s Eyes” was chosen as their moniker.

The topic that won them the show was A. Smith Bowman Distillery. It was COVID time, and the business generously accommodated the four women (with masks) for an unusual tour: to get images as well as information. This is the only photoshoot they did as a group, and it is fascinating to see how different their favorite images are.

After the group was chosen, they had to come up with five more topics. After much discussion, they decided on these: The Rappahannock River, Fredericksburg at Night, Gatherings, May 18, 2021 (they just picked a day on the calendar and told everyone to go out and take a photo), and Udvar-Hazy (National Air and Space Museum near Dulles). Visitors to the show agreed that Women’s Eye’s ended up with a wide variety of topics and a great amount of creativity.

The four artists look forward to their show opening in the Northern Neck Art Gallery on June 3. In addition to Women’s Eyes, each photographer will display other images at the Gallery.

Meet the Members of Women’s Eyes

Lee Cochrane

When I was much younger, and living in Switzerland, I was famous among my friends for not making the effort to haul a camera around with me on our many jaunts. I would ask my camera toting friends to make extra prints for me.

I got a lot more photos of myself than I would have if I had been behind the camera, and all I had to pay for were the few prints I wanted. When I was much older the digital single lens reflex cameras were invented.

I purchased a Nikon D-50 before a trip to England and Scotland because I was going with my non-camera-toting husband, and wanted photos of the trip. I got totally hooked on photography on that vacation, and came home with hundreds of photographs.

A cousin encouraged me to enter some of them in a show here in Fredericksburg. Much to my surprise, the judges liked them enough that I came home with some awards. Entering that show introduced me to the talented and friendly local photographers, who soon became my friends and mentors. As you can see, I am still entering shows and hanging out with my photographer friends 15 years later.


Norma Woodward

Growing up in the Deep South, I was the quintessential outgoing, active, free-spirited only child interested in anything and everything. One of my prize possessions was my camera – a Brownie Hawkeye gifted to me over 70 years ago at eighth grade graduation.

What a wondrous thing it was! I photographed people, pets, landscapes, houses, cars, flowers and anything else interesting, sent the roll of film to the local drugstore and in a few days received the photos.

Such excitement opening that envelope and seeing the images – frequently out of focus, too far away, too dark, too light – but miraculous. Over the years, I “graduated” to more expensive equipment by Nikon, Minolta, Rollei, and others, shooting film by Kodak, Agfa, Adox and Fuji. My current choice is a digital Canon7D MkII. The wonder of the image remains! And I still have that Brownie Hawkeye!

Penny A Parrish

After careers in journalism and law enforcement, I enjoy the solitude of working alone with a camera. I am inspired by simple scenes: the colors of the seasons, architecture, and abstract photography. I moved to Fredericksburg from Minnesota, and am intrigued by the history of Virginia and the images it creates for a photographer. I still think like a film photographer, looking for good angles and setting up individual shots rather than putting the camera on burst and capturing multiple images.

I also do my best to “repurpose” old frames, giving them a second life with many of my photos. Most of my photos are taken with a Canon PowerShot SX60 and my iPhone. This show with my friends has been a delight! You can see more of my work at Brush Strokes Gallery and 810 Weekend Gallery.


Sue Henderson

With a background in international travel and performing arts, I’ve gravitated toward the non-collaborative arts of photography and writing. I regularly challenge myself artistically to see the world with the fresh and immediate eyes of a tourist, especially in my hometown.

The depth of opportunities in this region never ceases to amaze and influence my art. This challenge has been enlightening

and wonderful seeing different perspectives from other’s eyes.

Most of my photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix or IPhone 11

Pro. Since March 2020 a Daily Breather photo has been posted at or

additional collections on


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