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"The Hub for Everything Art in the Northern Neck"


The Arts Center of Montross is a place where the community and the art world can meet, socialize and learn.  Everyone is welcome! Come in, have a cup of coffee, sit down with an artist to watch them at work, talk about art with others, visit the Gallery and learn about the artists who are exhibiting there and more.  We have painters, jewelry artists, and fiber artists on site.  Plus, there are usually other artists available for conversation and help.  Our goal is to bring art to this community and provide opportunities for those who want to get involved in the art world, whether for personal fulfillment or as a professional artist. 

·        The Center is  --

·        A place for artists and artisans to work, teach, exhibit, and sell work

·        Where people can visit the studios and galleries to be in the atmosphere of art and artists, come for social art-related activities, learn as well as purchase original work from a wide variety of artists and artisans.

·        Take classes and workshops from a wide variety of local as well as nationally-recognized teachers in a wide variety of mediums.

·        Participate in the many special events sponsored by the Center.

Stop in to visit us to see everthing we have to offer!

Janice Jones, Director

Throughout my career, I defied societal expectations, opting for creativity over convention. After retiring from the US Government, where I worked as a cost analyst and contract negotiator, I pursued my lifelong passion for art. Despite initial discouragement, I delved into various artistic endeavors, from sewing and porcelain painting to silverwork and glass fusing.

My journey took an exciting turn when I moved to Mexico, where I honed my skills in oils and pastels under the tutelage of renowned artists. Upon returning to the US, I shifted my focus to watercolors, organizing workshops with acclaimed artists like Gerald Brommer, Ton Lynch, Don Andrews, Karlyn Holman and many others. This endeavor evolved into Two Rivers Art Workshops, facilitating art education closer to home.

In 2017, I was tasked with creating the Spotsy Arts Festival, which garnered acclaim as the premier niche event in Virginia. This Festival has now moved to Stafford County and we are working toward having one here in the Northern Neck.  All of this has morphed into opportunities to promote art in the Northern Neck, culminating in the establishment of The Arts Center in Montross which opened in 2022. Despite the challenges, I'm fueled by passion and supported by a thriving artistic community. While my own artistic pursuits have taken a backseat, I remain dedicated to enhancing the presence of art in our community, constantly seeking new opportunities and talents to showcase at The Arts Center.

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