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Vicki McKay

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Vicki McKay is in love with all the textile arts. Her mother taught her to knit, crochet and sew at a very young age and this was the start of a lifelong passion for textiles and the fiber arts. Over the years she has expanded her skills to include spinning yarn from sheep’s fleece on a spinning wheel, dyeing yarn and cloth with natural and synthetic dyes and knitting and weaving that yarn. Since that time, she has expanded her skills to include eco printing, pin loom weaving,

needle and wet felting garments, tapestry weaving, quilting, hand and machine embroidery and garment repurposing with visible mending. Designing and making garments and artwork are the main end points of these crafts as well as the pure joy of the making process. Working with fiber and cloth provide a tactile experience which is relaxing and provides a connection to the makers.

of the past. This has led to an additional interest in the history and culture of textiles which is never ending for McKay.


Vicki is also passionate about teaching any of these skills to anyone wanting to learn. She is especially skilled at starting beginners with the skills needed to make textiles in a variety of mediums which are satisfying and pleasing to her students. She is hopeful that she may provide learning opportunities for interested students at the Arts Center of Montross in the coming months


Class will be offered to small groups who may choose a topic to begin their journey into the wonderful world of textiles.

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