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Meet Teacher Nana Gaul Lauer

My love of art and creating started the second time I had 4th grade when I was asked to design and create the classroom bulletin boards for the year. As my teacher, Mrs. Fisher said “ Nana Gail already knows the work” I love Mrs. Fisher wherever you are.

I went on to graduate from high school with art honors. My art teacher in high school got me a job with Samuel Kirk and Sons as a silver engraver. While there I worked in the design room with their small animal series. From founder to stamping the name on the bottom. After my daughter was born I studied Ceramics/Pottery at Towson State University

I attended watercolor classes with Dr. Morris Green and Fritz Briggs and finally graduated from the world-renowned Atelier...The Schuler School of Fine Art.

I have taught...

  • throwing on the wheel for Baltimore City Bureau of Recreation.

  • Drawing and painting at the RAL and the TAP

  • Landscape panting at the Heathsville Tavern (while I was also a prep cook and server there)

  • Drawing at Baltimore Public Library

  • and also individual drawing lessons

I have shown at galleries and shows in Maryland and Virginia and have won several awards for my work.

I am the founder and organizer of the Montebello Plein Air Painters and have organized several events for the Charcoal Club of Baltimore

I currently still work for our business. Lauer Furniture Restoration as manager ( don’t tell my husband) and I rush and cane the chair seats.


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