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Let's Talk Art, Clarence Shivers

Our first, “Let’s Talk Art”, third Friday event is scheduled for Friday, February 17 and it is one we think everyone will want to attend.

If you haven’t heard of Clarence Shivers before, when you hear his story you will learn about what you have missed. Mr. Shivers was a Tuskegee Airman, Air Force Officer, renowned artist, musician, philanthropist, and mentor to many young artists including our own Orkendell “Dell” Ford.

We have seven original paintings in the Center now which are for sale and one print. This is your chance to purchase not only a piece of history but the artwork that is a “collector’s” item. To make this even better, Dell will tell us about Mr. Shivers, his art, and his impact on the art world, the music world, and his successful military career and on the careers of many young aspiring artists. Mr. Shivers was indeed a man ahead of his time and he left not only his mark on the art world but the entire world.

The proceeds from the sale of these paintings, from Dell’s private collection, will be donated to the Shivers Foundation.

Join us Friday night –

Refreshments – 5 – 6:00

Let’s Talk Art – 6 – 7:00

Sale and camaraderie – 7 – 8:00

Clarence’s initial introduction to drawing was by his sister. “She laughingly told family members later that when she saw his work, she wondered ‘if it was good because I am such a great teacher’.”


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