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We are anticipating an exciting year ahead at The Arts Center in 2024! We will be unveiling a comprehensive schedule featuring an array of diverse classes, captivating local and international trips, special events, and the introduction of dynamic guest artists.

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming ventures and join us for a vibrant 2024 at The Arts Center!


We are thrilled to announce the outstanding achievements of Christiane Sanford, Anne McCahill, and Ronda Rotz, who have secured their positions as the top three sales ladies of 2024. These remarkable individuals not only excel in sales but also stand out as multi-talented and innovative artists in their own right.

Their artistic endeavors are showcased at The Arts Center, where you are invited to stop by, extend your congratulations, and to connect with these talented women and perhaps add a piece of their creativity to your own collection.

Congratulations to these exceptional artists!

The Importance of Art Mentoring in Our Creative Odyssey

Join our Open Studios on January 18 and 25 for discounted sessions, a perfect opportunity to paint and socialize in our artistic environment. We've added mentor Connie Canby, a skilled artist and teacher, who will provide guidance, constructive feedback, and insights into the newest techniques. Choose between casual participation or joining Connie's mentorship program for a more focused artistic and personal growth journey. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing enjoyable painting experience.

PAINT MENOKIN, The Power of Place

We are very excited about our partnership with Menokin for Paint Menokin, The Power of Place -- this is part of our participation in the NNK250 celebration.

For those who have not participated in a Plein Air event or those who just want to hone their skills, there will be a prequel taught my Nana Gail Lauer, who many of you already know. This will be May 14 and 15, finishing with the introduction of Paint Menokin Wednesday afternoon.

The application will be online and ready to accept your application on February 1.

For those who are asking, "What is NNK250, visit their website for a complete listing of activities. Click here.


An "Embroidery Bee" is a social and collaborative gathering focused on learning new stitches and techniques to create beautiful art with threads.

Led by Anne, participants will learn a variety of elementary stitches, culminating in the creation of a project to showcase with pride.

The Embroidery Bee convenes on the first Saturday of each month, offering a regular opportunity for individuals to acquire new skills and complete unique projects under Anne's guidance. It serves as a space for both learning and socializing, fostering a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie among participants. Joining this Bee provides a structured and enjoyable way to engage in embroidery while building a community of fellow enthusiasts.


Attention Urban Sketchers --- this opportunity is for you.

We are traveling to Yorkshire to sketch with Pat, July 10 - 16, I am so excited to offer you this opportunity, York is a beautiful place that abounds with architecture, trees and vistas that are begging to be sketched.

If you are interested, please check it out on our website as the group will be limited in size and there are already several people on the waiting list.

The Arts Center welcomes another new artist --Elizabeth "Beth" Grimes

Beth Slater Grimes, a Westmoreland County native, discovered her passion for art during her senior year at Mary Washington College under the guidance of Stephen Griffin. Despite a three-decade hiatus, the pandemic in 2020 led her back to her artistic roots. Beth's paintings, inspired by rural landscapes and coastal scenes, carry a distinctive 'Northern Neck feel.' Embracing continuous growth, she engages in online classes to explore new techniques.

In 2023, copper wrapping classes introduced her to a newfound love, crafting unique jewelry pieces using natural stones and predominantly bare copper. Balancing between painting and jewelry making, Beth seamlessly transitions between the two mediums, finding fulfillment in the creative rhythm that emerges during different stages of the artistic process. Each piece remains a one-of-a-kind creation, shaped by the dynamic interplay between stone and metal.


If you left your purchase of three small crab ring holders at The Arts Center please identify yourself to the Host at the front counter to retrieve.



Register now to ensure you have a space!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for These Events as you don't want to miss them.

First Friday's have been replaced with Second Sundays. This is our exciting schedule of Guest Artists scheduled for 2024.


Winter Hours

Fri & Sat -- 11 - 4:00

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