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As a native of this region, I am deeply attuned to the wealth of natural resources that surround us. For me, art is not just a means of expression; it's a gateway to forging a deeper connection with the world around us. Whether it's the materials sourced directly from nature or the boundless inspiration it provides, I strive to infuse every piece of my work with the essence of the natural world.

My passion for art extends beyond mere creativity; it's a tool for empowerment and self-discovery, particularly for the young minds that I have the privilege to teach. I believe that through art, individuals of all ages can find their voice, express themselves freely, and cultivate the confidence to embrace their unique identity.

Experimentation is at the heart of my artistic practice. From weaving baskets to felting and crafting jewelry, I explore a diverse range of mediums to bring my visions to life. This versatility allows me to express my creativity in myriad forms and to share my skills with others through teaching both adults and children's classes.

In my approach to art education, I emphasize the importance of nurturing self-esteem and self-awareness. By encouraging my students to explore the natural world and its intricate connections with art, I aim to instill in them a profound appreciation for their surroundings and a deeper understanding of their place within it.

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