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I am proud to be a native of the country that gave birth to a plethora of world-famous artists, namely France!

Came to the USA as a Fulbright scholar and chose to become an American citizen.
I always resided in Virginia.

After I retired from a 30-year teaching career, botanical art became my inspiration.
I got certified in Botanical illustration at Lewis Ginter where I taught a few embroidery classes focusing on botanical themes, from flower portraits to illuminated letters, landscapes, and the tree of life, among my favorites.

Of all the activities associated with women, needlework is one of the most universal. At our age of automation, the artistic expression with needle and threads should survive for the sake of accomplishment, pleasure, and the tradition of sharing with future generations.

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished stitcher, I hope that you will be enthusiastic about designing original themes and using your tools creatively.

Products Available for Purchase

All orders are available for pickup at the Arts Center. If you would like us to ship any of your purchases, please contact us to make arrangements. We are happy to find you the most inexpensive options which will include insurance. Ask for Janice.

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