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Tommy Feltner Head Shot.jpg

I would like to introduce myself, My name is Tommy Feltner a 35-year resident of Colonial Beach VA. and a  passionate and extremely thoughtful artist. I began drawing a doodling as a child then took art classes in high school and that was the highest form of training I reached. After high school, I didn’t produce any work for nearly 20 years. Now I’m introducing the world to my talent, and I’m very grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to do so.

Truth be known the talent has always been there just as talent is in all of us. I truly believe if I were to move forward with this venture directly out of high school my art would be low quality and contain very little depth. Every piece I create is tied into my life in some way or another.

I’ve had many high peaks and deep deep valleys in my journey. All of which I embrace and keep in my soul. They have created the artist I am today. My works are all over the spectrum of emotion. These feelings pour out of me onto the canvases you will see. Some pieces are joyful and contain vibrant colors, others dark. The art may be generated from my soul and mean something to me as it should. I stand on a solid principle that my creations are for you to enjoy as well, and see them as you wish to not for me to stir your thoughts and emotions to view them as I want you to. We all have different journeys, however, the one thing we have in common is we are standing in front of these pieces of art and it’s making us think. This is my ultimate goal.

Art is a journey of love, respect, hardship, and joy.  Thank you for taking your time to view, feel, and embrace the emotion in every brush stroke.

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