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Stephen L. Griffin

Steve Griffin has been a painter for over fifty years. In 1968 he was one of twelve undergraduate students, selected from a national pool, to attend the first year of the newly created Independent Study Program at the Whitney Museum in New York. The ISP is still active today.

Since retiring from teaching in the Art Department at the University of Mary Washington in 2008, Steve has continued to work in his studio. He recently received a 2011-2012 professional fellowship in painting from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and a 2012-2013 fellowship in painting from the Virginia Commission for the Arts. Steve has also been awarded three residency fellowships at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.

Griffin’s work hangs in many private and corporate collections and is represented by several galleries.

Over the years I have gradually drifted far from my early photo-realist style of painting. My most recent “Strata” series began in 2007.

The basic horizontal stripe compositions in these paintings were initially inspired by landscapes but the result more closely resembles a cross-section of earth or the strata found in rocks. The painting process itself is similar to an archeological dig. I apply multiple layers of paint which are eventually sanded and scraped to reveal previously forgotten colors and textures. This method of painting retains an element of chance in an otherwise very structured format.

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