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Sara, hailing from Belgium, Europe, cultivated a childhood love for the beach on the west coast, visiting her grandmother on weekends. Fascinated by the sea's vastness, she cherished beach walks, collecting pretty shells, and embracing the fresh air, even if it meant wet shoes. Identifying as the creative type in school, Sara leaned towards realistic coloring and developed a passion for photography inherited from her grandmother. Despite excelling in nature science and mathematics, she pursued studies in mathematics and IT in college.

After relocating to Virginia, Sara found herself in close proximity to the beach, reigniting her artistic interests. She delved into wire wrapping through instructional videos, crafting a unique and whimsical style. This newfound passion led her to embark on a journey of creating wire-wrapped jewelry, featuring "found treasures" like shark's teeth. Sara's art beautifully mirrors the essence of the water, sand, and distinctive ambiance of the Northern Neck of Virginia.

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