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On-Going Drawing Class

Class: On-Going Drawing Class

3 Classes per month

Location: Monroe Bay Winery Strawbale Barn

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Price: $100 per month


June - 8, 15, 22

July - 6, 13, 20

August - 3, 10, 17

September - 7, 14, 21

Teacher: Connie Canby

An ongoing monthly drawing class was requested for you to keep current with your skills of the “Art of Seeing” meaning really connecting to your subject through the “act” of drawing what you are actually looking at. With practice you are able to create works that enhance your ability to produce the kind of drawing or painting (painting is just a thicker line) that you feel best expresses what you meant to portray. Often, we are so disappointed in the results of what we planned or see in our imagination, but our discontent is in direct proportion to our level of skills.

In this six-class series we go through the practice of giving a lined drawing shape and form and shading and shadow to help place the subject in time. Then you will arrange what you are drawing into a pleasing design to practice compositional elements. Next, we will look at bringing the center of interest to the attention of the viewer using gained drawing skills. Depicting a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional surface is daunting but by seeing the progress you will have achieved, your still life, landscape, seascapes, figures, wildlife or imaginative drawings will be a fun and rewarding process. Finally, we will use colored pencils to draw with. This is when the excitement builds, and we have even more fun.

The six-hour course of beginning drawing (3 consecutive days of a two- hour class offered) is a good foundation for this class and will help you in the process. We can catch you up with homework if you wish to join us.

Bring your drawing supplies. Connie will review your supplies and provide a suggested Supply List at first class.

Max 15 Students! This number could change based on current COVID guidelines.


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