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A Tour of Monroe Bay Winery

Monroe Bay Winery is a small farm winery and cidery located near Colonial Beach, Virginia. They currently sell wines at local Farmers Markets, the Monroe Market in Colonial Beach and special events. They are in process of renovating their Strawbale Barn on the Monroe Bay which will be perfect for NNArts Workshops.

Winemaker Kiki Apple’s story starts over two decades ago, when she bought her very first house, located in the South of France. A beautiful stone watermill along a vast river, purchased sight-unseen, in a country whose language she barely spoke. Most people thought she was a bit crazy, including her own mother, and maybe she was, but she loved every moment spent there painting, planting flowers and enjoying wine in the sunshine of France. She never lost her love of wine and water. Her passion for wine making started with a decade of home winemaking before planting the first grapes of a commercial winery.

The Strawbale Barn: 3,000 square foot unique barn made of strawbales and recycled wine bottles will be the perfect place to inspire your creativity!

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