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Molley Ourada Introduces New Innovative Painting Technique

Molley Ourada, a self-taught artist, is pleased to announce her new painting technique, which she calls “Splatter and Tell.” The technique involves splattering several colors of paint onto a canvas and then letting the splatters tell her what they want to become.

Ourada says she was inspired to create this technique after watching a documentary about Jackson Pollock, the American abstract expressionist painter who is known for his drip paintings. Pollock would often drip paint onto a canvas from a height, allowing the paint to fall randomly. Ourada was intrigued by the idea of letting chance play a role in her painting process.

“I wanted to create a painting technique that was both random and intentional,” said Ourada. “I wanted the paint to tell me what it wanted to be, but I also wanted to have some control over the outcome.”

To create a Splatter and Tell painting, Ourada first chooses several colors of paint. She then splatters the paint onto a canvas using a variety of tools, such as brushes, sponges, and spray bottles. Once the paint is dry, Ourada examines the splatters and begins to see shapes and forms. She then uses her imagination to create a painting from the splatters.

“The Splatter and Tell technique is a great way to let your creativity flow,” said Ourada. “It’s also a lot of fun! I’ve been really enjoying experimenting with this technique, and I’m excited to see what I can create next.”

The Splatter and Tell technique is a unique and innovative way to create paintings. It allows the artist to let chance play a role in the creative process, while still maintaining some control over the outcome. This technique is sure to appeal to artists who are looking for new and exciting ways to express their creativity.

The Splatter and Tell paintings by Molley Ourada are currently on display at The Arts Center of Montross and can also be purchased online below.

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