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Artist’s Statement

As a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University's sculpture program, my artistic journey with metal embodies a blend of nature's variability, creative impulse, and relentless effort. For over a decade, I crafted large-scale sculptures in Pittsburgh before establishing my metal arts studio in rural Virginia. Drawing inspiration from the land's patterns and humanity's efforts to harness them, I channel my experiences into my metalwork.

My early fascination with metal was sparked by encounters with a local blacksmith in the Virginia foothills, shaping my decision to pursue this medium. Immersed in rural Virginia's farm life and the wonders of nature, along with teenage adventures in the Canadian Rockies and apprenticeship in Mexico, I cultivated a deep connection to metalworking.

After completing my sculpture education and honing my craft in Pittsburgh, I returned to Virginia to realize my artistic vision. Today, I produce a diverse range of works fueled by a broad foundation of experiences. With each piece, I strive to clarify ideas and engage viewers in meaningful dialogue, embracing the challenges and opportunities inherent in sculpting with metal.

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