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In the mid-1980’s, Joan discovered mosaic birdhouses and decided that she could duplicate them.  She started breaking plates with a hammer on her basement floor and attaching the pieces to a wooden birdhouse with mastic glue.  Soon thereafter, she discovered grout with adhesive and nippers with wheels for cutting and shaping the glass pieces allowing her to create more intricate designs and the rest is now history.

Designing and creating mosaic pieces has given her the opportunity to enjoy collecting and creating at the same time.   Many of her pieces include bits and pieces of memorabilia what are close to her heart.

Assemblage art is a natural extension of mosaic art.  Both art forms are three dimensional.  One of the main differences is that assemblage art allows the creation on different surfaces and allows the inclusion of personal pieces.

Joan’s classes are paced to give you a firm foundation of creating mosaic/assemblage art in anticipation of her class in designing and creating your own Memory Jug which will happen in 2022 just in time for Mother’s Day.

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