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My artistic journey began in childhood, kindling a lifelong dedication to the craft. With unwavering support, I pursued artistic aspirations, leading me to the intricate artistry of pen and ink during my time at the Community College of Southern Maryland.


Despite its challenges, I embraced this medium, honing my skills and earning recognition for both pen and ink creations and watercolor paintings.

Today, my focus remains on pen and ink, where I find solace in its meticulous detailing and nuanced expression. I often complement it with subtle watercolor touches to enhance depth. Alongside, I explore the standalone versatility of watercolor, infusing my compositions with fluidity and vibrancy.

My journey is marked by numerous personal and artistic achievements, from features in Who's Who in America to showcases in prestigious galleries. I'm grateful for these opportunities to share my creativity and connect with audiences.


Through my art, I hope to inspire others to discover beauty and meaning in the world around them, echoing the endless canvas of my own artistic exploration.

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