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hot rock pottery

My work is the product of determination, desperation, and devotion. I have been involved in the arts since I was a wee child, working in clay as early as middle school. High school during the late 90’s in central New York was filled with advanced art classes and inspiring art teachers. I went on to graduate from Plattsburgh State University in New York with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in 2004 with a concentration in ceramics. I received a scholarship to attend the Penland School of Craft in North Carolina in 2005. In 2006, I landed in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


I quickly learned that my goals were well beyond working for others in their previously built establishments. In 2009, I dropped a foundation deep in the woods of King George County, Virginia. My girlfriend of years became my wife. We built a home for our future family, a pottery studio, and a good sized barn to protect the massive, custom homemade “sprung arch downdraft kiln.”


Multiple times a year I’ll load and fire this 110 cubic foot monster of a gas kiln to approximately 2350 degrees in a reduction-type atmosphere. By this very specific process of firing I am able to achieve these results.

Finding balance is essential to my work and most everything. I toil every single day in my attempt to manage a home, a family of four, and a growing business. If I focus too much (or too little) on any one of these, both of the others can suffer.

Most of my work is a high-fired stoneware that is “thrown” on a pottery wheel and altered to some degree. The surface designs, textures, and alterations eliminate any senses of the factory-made. Weighing out very specific amounts of dry materials I create multiple unique homemade glazes. By dipping,  pouring, spraying, and splattering these glazes on my functional wares a bright, appealing surface is hopefully achieved.


In years past I participated in a staggering amount of art shows and festivals annually all over the East Coast taking home dozens of cash awards and praise. I travel much less now and have successfully converted most of my sales online due to the cultural shift. I use different social media platforms to advertise my available pottery. My work is now purchased and shipped all over our beautiful country.


Lately I've been experimenting with “Raku” type firings, and “creature” related press mold sculptures alongside my production of stoneware pottery.

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