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Bob’s fascination with nature has been with him since childhood. This interest had him exploring everywhere from his neighborhood creeks in Lynchburg, Virginia, to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, all the way to the salt marshes of the Outer Banks, North Carolina. He is a fledgling of the Virginia Society of Ornithology (VSO) and the Lynchburg Bird Club of the 1970s, which as a youth sponsored him twice to the Virginia Garden Club’s Nature Camp. He graduated from E. C. Glass High School in 1979 and attended college at Virginia Tech in the early 1980s, where he studied Art and Design. "I'm an enthusiast not an expert…"

Afterwards, Bob returned to his hometown and worked in several creative positions such as engraver, canvas-painting artist, draftsman, and graphic designer. He eventually married and bought a home in Bedford County, where he raised his son, Michael. In 1996, he started a business, Infinity Graphics, which specializes in website design, packaging design, and start-up business branding. He has helped publish a couple of bird books and illustrated a few children’s books as well.

Several of his photos have won recognition and appeared in publications such as Virginia Wildlife, Virginia Living Museum, Audubon’s Virginia IBA, eBird’s website, Nature Friend Magazine, and more. In 2008, and every year since he has published a calendar. In 2013 he began showing his photography at various festivals and events.

Bob is currently a resident of Richmond, where he lives with his wife, best friend, and number one supporter, Lori. As an advocate of conservation, he frequently shares his experiences with nature at over ninety venues and with a variety of organizations. He gets out with his camera to enjoy the birds and the outdoors at any opportunity that presents itself. He loves to share the beauty of God’s creatures so that it might bring an appreciation of nature to others.


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