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“Why I Do What I Do”

I carve coastal art, drawing my inspiration from the life and energy in and around the ocean. From sketch to carving to finishing, each is one-of-a-kind. As I work on the sketch I’m considering the wood species that the image should be captured in. I then sketch it on the wood chosen and begin carving with hand chisels and a few power tools.


As I refine its shape I get a sense of how the colors should be layered. I use up to 9 acrylic colors and 4 stain colors to create its unique personality, incorporating my ‘torch-painting’ and ‘water-fusing’ techniques. Each is then finished in a protective coating to highlight its details and colors for outdoor/indoor display.


Every carving has a story of inspiration and creation, one I like to share with everyone who expresses an interest. This personal interaction, discussing their interests and my art, creates a connection.


And each time one of my carvings is selected to go to a new ‘home’, it is the highest compliment I can receive - when my art becomes my customer’s art. 

 Bob Bohannon  Artist/Carver

Products Available for Purchase

All orders are available for pickup at the Arts Center. If you would like us to ship any of your purchases, please contact us to make arrangements. We are happy to find you the most inexpensive options which will include insurance. Ask for Janice.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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