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Beth Slater Grimes, a Westmoreland County native, grew up in Hague and has called Fredericksburg home for nearly 40 years. While her childhood sparked an interest in art, it wasn't until her senior year at Mary Washington College, under the guidance of Stephen Griffin, that her passion truly ignited.


Fast forward to 2020, the pandemic prompted Beth to revisit her artistic roots after a three-decade hiatus. Despite a deep affinity for acrylics, she discovered a new artistic haven in watercolors through online classes.

Beth's paintings, inspired by rural landscapes and coastal scenes, often carry a distinctive 'Northern Neck feel.' Committed to continuous growth, she engages in online classes to explore and apply new techniques to her evolving works. In the spring of 2023, a Facebook post introduced her to copper wrapping classes, leading to a newfound love.

Beth crafts unique jewelry pieces using natural stones and predominantly bare copper, occasionally oxidized for an antiqued finish—eschewing adhesives throughout the process. While she continues learning techniques such as wire weaving through classes, each piece remains a one-of-a-kind creation, shaped by the dynamic interplay between stone and metal.

Balancing between painting and jewelry making, Beth seamlessly transitions between the two mediums, finding fulfillment in the creative rhythm that emerges during different stages of the artistic process.


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